Brushless Motor Assembly Line

Brushless Motor Assembly Line
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◆ Rotor Assembly Line

Laser Engraving Machine

Shaft Servo Pressing Machine (5 Tons)

Magnet Gluing Machine

Epoxy Resin Drying Machine

Inner Rotor Protective Cover Assembly Machine

Withstand Voltage, Deflection Measuring Machine

Magnetizing and End Cap Combination Assembly Machine

◆    Motor Assembly Line

Bearing Press in Motor Body Machine (5 Tons)

Dust Suction

Wave Washer Assembling in

Wave Washer Detection

Grease Coating

Motor Body and End Cap Assembly Machine

Locking Screw

Magnetic Reed Servo Pressing Machine (3 Tons)

Shaft Step Difference, Screw Detection

Characteristic Testing Line

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NC Surface Grinder

10 Stations CNC Rotary Transfer Machine-Screwdriver Quick Coupling

9 Stations 14 Spindles-Brake Valve

8 Stations 9 Spindles-Engine Valve Lifter

6 Stations 6 Spindles-Braking Screw

4 Stations 9 Spindles-Brake Valve

Both Ends Pipe Fittings CNC Processing Machine for Cylinder End Face

Single End Pipe Fittings CNC Processing Machine for Cylinder End Face

Motor Assembly and Testing Line

Full-process Servo Assembling Press Machine