NC Surface Grinder

NC Surface Grinder
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Kai Hung GBBL series grinder is a precision design of dental plate.

It will be high rigidity, low vibration, high cutting capacity of the spindle, and ensure the performance of grinding accuracy.
This machine uses tough cast iron which the hydraulic system is the side of the machine.
Column guideways are Turcite-B coated and precisely hand scraped to provide a smooth movement for better accuracy and longer way life.

Design of Grinding Wheel Dynamic Pressure Spindle
Grinding wheel spindle with high rigidity, low vibration, high damping and high cutting capacity characteristics and it provide excellent way longevity.
Hydraulic, coolant and lubrication systems are separated from machine to eliminate vibration and dissipate heat. Heat exchange is used on hydraulic system to maintain normal temperature of hydraulic oil.

1. Mode of operationartificial the material.
2. Flat grinding wheel.
3. Grinding wheel to adjust the amount of artificial feeding.
4. The depth of the tooth depth is indicated by the size of the automatic optical scale, grinding by the  
   hydraulic slide
 Left and right automatically switch.
5. Grinding angle adjusted by the pad (customer self-treatment).
6. Typeinclined surface grinder.

Electrical control
1. Touch Screen
2. P.L.C

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NC Surface Grinder

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