New CNC Flexible Transfer Machine


There are 4 Stations, 1 station is for loading/ unloading; the other 3 stations can machine the parts at the same time.

* Each station equips with spindle, ATC and B axis.

  Process program is separated, in other words, one machine is equivalent three horizontal milling machines.

* Max. rotary speed of built-in spindle can reach to 16,000RPM, and rated torque is 55N.m.

* It can equip BT40 or HSK63A ATC, the capacity of ATC is 24 tools.

* The stroke of sliding table is X:400; Y:350; Z:400

* Design of B axis is used toothed clutch.

   Depends on customer's request, one indexing can be set up for 1∘or 5∘, Repeatability is within 4”.

* Machine is suitable for processing special shape part, e.g. drilling, tapping, and milling