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Kai Hung Machinery

Multi Stations,improve entire production efficiency

Hardware valve manufacturing equipment

Valve products are widely distributed, the traditional valve technology is mature. In the competitive environment, Kai Hung develops the valve market and provides more efficient metal-specific machinery.

Valve Body

Experimental Case Of Machine

8 Stations 12 Spindles-Check Valve

CNC Two Way Processing Machine—Valve Body

4 Stations 3 Spindles-Cut Valve

Two Way Gate Valve Recessing Machine

8 Stations 15 Spindles-Ball Valve

6 Stations 5 Spindles-Cut‐out Valve

8 Stations 13 Spindles-Cut‐out Valve

8 Stations 16 Spindles-Cut-out Valve

8 Stations 13 Spindles-Cut-out Valve

8 Stations 15 Spindles-cut‐out valve