Steel Wheel Processing Line

Steel Wheel Processing Line includes crown, feeding, flat, feeder, stamping, cutting, forming, welding, scrape slag, rolling forming, hemming, air density test, punching, spot welding, measuring and calibration.

Processing Sequence

Iron Plate Rack Straightening Machine


NC Feeder


Stamping/Cutting Machine


Rim Rolling Machine


3φ DC Truck Steel Ring Flash-Butt Welding Machine


Cylinder TIG Welding Machine


Rim Edge Burr Cutting Machine


3R Forming Machine


Hemming Machine


Rim Air Leakage Testing Machine-2 in 1


Rim Punching Machine


Rim Disk Pressing and Spot Welding Machine


Rim Disk 3 Spindle Whole Circle Welding Machine


Rim Slant Testing and Straightening Machine


14Rim Slant Testing and Straightening Machine

Rim Slant Testing and Straightening Machine
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Rim Slant Testing and Straightening Machine

Software Function:
1. Setting:
(1) Value Setting a.Deflection Tolerance b.Max. Deflection Value c.Deflection Average d.Correction Value
(2) Rim Model a.Set new model name b.Choose the original model
(3) Correction Factor Auto the correction value
2. Machine Correction It can correct the precision of machine.
3. Operation
(1) Operating continuously
a.It can display the numbers of measuring and correction.
b.It can display the max. and min. value, volume, and median value of deflection.
c.The relation between continuous deflection volume and the rotating angle.
(2) Single Operating
a.It can be executed step by step for the requirement.
b.It can execute the setting steps repeatedly.
4. Reporting of Data Daily Reporting of Data
(1) The figures for the rim capability before and after correction. Including

a.Measuring Numbers b.CKP value c.Average d.Standard Deviation e.Print.
(2) Rim's printing sheet before and after correction. Including

a.Numbers of deflection(per 0.1mm) b.Total numbers c.Qualified Numbers d.Qualified Rate e.Average f.Standard Deviation g.CPK Value。

Hardware Function:
1. Read the deflection volume which measuring from the laser probe.
2. Control for the oil pressure correction blocks.
3. Control for the rim rotating angle.
4. Provide for the required control of VO.
5. Industrial PC(IPC)
6. Rotating Motor 400W
7. Hydraulic Pressure Unit 2HP*4P.70KG/CM Pressure Source
8. Pressure Boost Cylinder 3 tons
Measuring Speed a.Measuring Time:within 8 sec b.Correction Time:within 15 sec.
c.Correction Cycle:8+15 n sec.(n:correction frequency)

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