Precision Axle & Rotor Core Plug-in Machine

Precision Axle & Rotor Core Plug-in Machine
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Equipped with hydraulic sliding stage of precision “I”-shaped, with good steels quality and the high precision of vertical. The precision of vertical is higher than the traditional one which is plugged-in by leader pins type. It can test the pressure and the error of size when processing the axle and iron cores, if plug-in the axle and iron cores too loosely which will make the load cell don’t reach the required power of pulling out. If too tightly, it will make the axle and iron cores out of shape and damaged. The iron core is fed automatically in the slot of material, the axle core is delivered by manual.


Armature Diameter


Armature Stack Height


Shaft Length



 AC 220V/380V 50/60HZ

Hydraulic Pressure

 1 TON





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